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Online Course Creation

Conceiving, selling and designing effective online courses that get results and exhibit high completion rates

How to Teach

How to teach music keeping students engaged, improving steadily and getting measurable results by creating systems

Print Books and eBooks

Self-publishing music education books that sell worldwide

Business Strategy

How to set yourself apart, finding your unique position


Coaching from scratch: follow-through guidance for idea-driven individuals; entrepreneurial coaching and step-by-step support (technology newbs welcome!)

Academies, Universities, Institutions

We have attended Universities and we have taught at Universities. We understand the needs of institutions




Measurable Results

Skills Assessments
Before/After Testing



From payments to scheduling make technology work for you

Learn Better Together

Online Communities
Mentorship Programs
Group Coaching

Ariane Cap onlineteachingconsulting.com


It all started with my first self-published book that became an Amazon bestseller.

Then I got many requests from our readers to do more, and I listened. I started to create videos and online courses with my partner and teacher, Wolf Wein.

Our courses exhibit a high completion rate and loyal following.  

We have brick and mortar experience (I created and ran a community music school)

We created and taught online courses for a University when this was still  in its early days.

We are NLP Trainers and Tiny Habits® Coaches. We understand habits, coaching, how change can be scary and how to help from start to finish, or how to improve, optimize, and implement.

We continually expand – we work with amazing partners.

Most important, we are active musicians and in-demand (90+ long waiting list) educators with decades of experience playing, composing, and teaching. We are really good at understanding our students and getting results for them. 

Ever since we started and especially in the beginning weeks of the COVID-19 crisis dozens of institutions, app developers, musicians, educators, and authors reached out to us for help. We listened to the most common as well as individual needs and formulated, streamlined, and systematized what we now offer here.

Get in touch to hear more about how we can help you or your organization quickly and efficiently.

We also do speaking engagements. 




We teach music. 
We teach how to teach music.
We teach entrepreneurial skills.
We consult on how to create an online music teaching business.


We work with music educators and teaching organizations to optimize their reach and impact and to get consistent results for their music students.




From Our Clients

Ariane has been an invaluable asset for us with her deep understanding and expert knowledge in the field of online didactics and coaching. She understands all mechanisms from user experience to progress monitoring to monetization first hand and can analyze them precisely and subsequently initiate optimization processes effectively.

We look forward to long-term cooperation with her!”

Thomas Gier

CEO, Doozzoo.com

“Ariane was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the process of self-publishing my first transcription book to be used for private students and academic institutions. With her in-depth knowledge and experience as an online educator and self-published author she was able to save me from a lot of headaches, dead-ends and poor choices that would have cost me a lot of wasted time and money! I would gladly recommend her as a consultant to anyone else wishing to chart this course. You don’t have to go about any of this alone!”

Josh Cohen (bassist, music educator)

“I cannot neglect to heap praise on you for actually having an approach to teaching that understands how people learn… I have investigated a seemingly endless array of online resources. Yours stands out because it understands both music and teaching. Mad props, and thanks.”

Mark S

Bassist, Course Participant

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